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Statehood Task Force - Chair: TBA

The Statehood task force advocates for DC Statehood. All levels of experience and understanding are welcome. Be ready to act and pitch in so that we can become the 51st State!


Blue Wave Election Task Force - Chair: Anne Cauman (

The Task Force focuses on election work which either turns states blue or helps keep them blue. In 2024 we will be concentrating on Swing states with a particular emphasis on Pennsylvania and North Carolina. We raise money and engage in a variety of volunteer activities, including canvassing, phoning, texting and postcard/letter writing. In 2023 we concentrated our volunteer activities on the Wisconsin state Supreme Court race and the Virginia state legislative elections. For our fundraising work in 2023, we raised money for the North Carolina Democratic Party as well as raising money for WI and VA. Please contact Anne if you are interested in joining our 2024 efforts.  We would love to have you with us. There is a lot of work to do.


Transportation and Environment Task Force - Co-Chairs: Susan Bass ( & Anita Beier (

The Transportation & Environment Task Force is currently focused on oversight for the District’s public utilities, support for green initiatives in the city and road and transit service and safety. The Task Force meets 5 to 6 times per year.


Education and Libraries Task Force - Chair: TBA

The task force is responsible for all matters related to education and libraries in the District of Columbia. They work with other education networks, education stakeholders and advise the Ward 3 Democrats on decisions and positions to take on education. 


Health Task Force - Chair: TBA

This group examines disparities in our health care, explore improvements to address maternal and fetal mortality, and address other issues of concern to the community such as early dementia. 


To learn more information and get involved, please email our task force chairs.

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